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About Us

Today, as the world moves towards a more unified whole, Global Education is fast becoming the norm. Your university experience will be filled with new beginnings, academic opportunities and meeting new friends from around the world. However, the transition can be overwhelming as you will be faced with selecting courses from hundreds of choices, thousands of universities to choose from, lengthy applications and daunting essays to write, many students need guidance. At Sprouts, we can guide you through the process to ensure that it is an enjoyable and organized one.

From the first meeting to the time of decision letters, Sprouts can effectively guide you through the application process to help obtain individual goals. Sprouts, with its experience, is able to factor in variables such as Course Contents, Reputation, Location, Safety, Cost, Social Life, Business and Job opportunities etc. which cannot be ascertained by merely reviewing websites and brochures. Sprouts is committed to facilitating a personalized match between a student and his/her future university. A combination of specific training and experience in the field allows Sprouts to recommend a university best suited to the strengths and interests of the student.

In addition, Sprouts prides itself on being current with admission trends and application policies. This insight is invaluable to students as they make decisions about their future. Most of our counselors have either studied abroad or visited the universities abroad enabling them to impart first-hand knowledge to the prospective students.

Our Team

Mrs. Maureen Fife

Founder: Mrs. Maureen Fife studied at the University of London where she received her Masters in cancer research (AIMLT & FIMLT).

She continued to work at two of the most prestigious teaching hospitals in the UK (Hammersmith Hospital and the Royal Marsden Hospital) until her marriage when she shifted to Pakistan.

In 1996 she helped pioneer Beaconhouse Informatics, an ICT and business degree college run by the Beaconhouse Group. Informatics, forged partnerships with a number of International Universities including Curtin University of Technology, Australia and University of Portsmouth, UK. This facilitated Pakistani students towards the acquisition of foreign degrees while studying at Informatics Pakistan and also to pave a road map for students aiming at completing their degrees abroad.

In 2002 she was instrumental in helping to set up the Beaconhouse Group's Discovery Centre Smart School working around the concept that children should enjoy a learning driven experience rather than a teaching driven one and that the most important thing to learn is confidence in their own abilities.

Mr. Maureen Fife then laid the foundations for Sprouts in 2012. With an extensive knowledge of education in Pakistan and abroad, along with excellent track record in bridging the gap between the two, Mrs. Maureen Fife feels that Sprouts is instrumental to further pave the way for students from Pakistan to get educated from good institutions abroad consequently helping them build a better future for themselves and hopefully Pakistan.

Mr. Adeel Saeed Mir

Resident Director: After finishing with his education in Systems Analysis and Design, in 2002, Mr. Adeel Saeed Mir joined Cisco in Pakistan as Manager Information Technology and played a vital role in designing and implementing training and educational programs to equip young professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs with tools to play an important role in developing the IT industry in Pakistan and other parts of the world. While working for Cisco, Adeel Saeed was also responsible for recruiting engineers from Pakistan, training them and then placing them to work for Cisco concerns across the world.

With love for teaching, Mr. Adeel Saeed has also taken up various teaching assignments in renowned universities and colleges in Pakistan throughout his career.

In 2006, he grouped together with two of the most renowned scholars in Pakistan, Dr. Arif Zaman (A PhD from Stanford University and former Dean of LUMS) and Dr. Arif Rana (A PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Director, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEC)) to successfully setup a chain of educational institutes in Pakistan aiming at providing state of the art education inculcated with a sound value system.

Mr. Adeel Saeed was also instrumental in setting up the MGS foundation. This is a non-profit foundation aiming to and subsequently successfully setting up state of the art schools and a university in Pakistan.

In 2009 Mr. Adeel Saeed joined a world renowned education group, Navitas, as Country Manager Pakistan for Australia, and later USA and Canada. Listed on the Australian stock exchange, Navitas is a world leader in the development and provision of educational services and learning solutions with institutions in Australia, Canada, UK, USA and Singapore.

Now, as a Resident Director for Sprouts, Mr. Adeel Saeed brings his vast experience in the field of education in Pakistan and across the world, to Sprouts, assisting students from Pakistan in choosing the right career path, the course and university to achieve their goals.